By Elysium



Step into history with our "Sanada" T-shirt. Named after the renowned Sanada clan of Japan, known for their unmatched valor and strategic genius in the tumultuous era of the samurai, this shirt embodies the spirit of resilience and tenacity that the Sanada warriors were celebrated for.

Our "Sanada" T-shirt is made from luxurious, 100% cotton, promising comfort that will stand the test of time, just like the enduring legacy of the Sanada clan. representing their motto "always ready, in preparation for war and spirit."

This isn't just a T-shirt. It's an affirmation of determination, of defiance against odds, of an unwavering will to stand one's ground. Whether it's an everyday urban adventure or an impromptu wilderness excursion, the "Sanada" T-shirt is your battle standard.

Don the "Sanada" T-shirt, channel the spirit of the legendary Sanada warriors, and make your mark on the world. Stand defiant, stand victorious.

MATERIAL:  100% cotton/ Acid Washed Heavy T-Shirt

FIT: Regular fit/ Oversized Fit

DESIGN: Originally inspired design

MODEL:  The model in the photo (Alex) is wearing a size Large. Weight: 175lbs Height: 5'10