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Statue Of David T-Shirt

Statue Of David T-Shirt

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Statue Of David T-Shirt: Renaissance Grandeur Meets Modern Style


Celebrate the pinnacle of artistic achievement with our Statue Of David T-Shirt. Capturing the essence of Michelangelo's masterpiece, this shirt is a homage to the spirit of the Renaissance, an era where art and human potential flourished side by side.

The design meticulously replicates David in his serene yet powerful stance, a symbol of human perfection and the potential within us all. Contrasted against a contemporary backdrop, David's timeless beauty becomes a bridge between epochs, blending the classical with the current.

MATERIAL:  100% cotton/ Acid Washed Heavy T-Shirt

FIT: Regular fit/ Oversized Fit

DESIGN: Originally inspired design

MODEL:  The model in the photo (Alex) is wearing a size Large. Weight: 175lbs Height: 5'10


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