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Brown/ Blue Tank Tops (Beaters)

Brown/ Blue Tank Tops (Beaters)

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Brown/Blue Tank Tops: Earthy Colors


Embrace the natural harmony of earth and sea with our Brown/Blue Tank Top beaters. These tank top beaters, with their rich brown reminiscent of fertile soil and the soothing blue of serene oceans, effortlessly encapsulate the beauty of our planet's palette.

Whether you're looking to enhance your workout attire or simply enjoy a casual day out, these colors offer a balanced blend of style and simplicity. Made from soft, breathable material, these tank tops guarantee comfort and durability, making them a perfect fit for every occasion.

MATERIAL: 92% Rayon/ 8% Spandex

PACKAGE: 1 Brown Beater + 1 Blue Beater

FIT: Regular- Compressed Fit

DESIGN: Originally inspired design

MODEL:  The model in the photo (Alex) is wearing a size Medium. Weight: 175lbs Height: 5'10


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