Bless Those T-shirt

By Elysium

Bless Those Who Curse (Salvation) T-Shirt


Dive deep into the modern narrative of salvation with our "Bless Those Who Curse You, Pray For Those Who Mistreat You" T-Shirt. This unique design seamlessly merges the age-old story of peace with today's familiar motifs. 

Featuring a crisp, modern receipt layout, every line item lists the common transgressions of humanity, each marked as 'forgiven'. It's not just a statement of faith, but also a powerful visualization of God's endless mercy, showcasing that no sin is too great to be absolved.

FIT: Regular fit

DESIGN: Originally inspired design, this is our signature Elysium T-Shirt 

MODEL:  The model in the photo (Alex) is wearing a size Large. Weight: 175lbs Height: 5'10

This shirt is true-to-size, so if you want an oversized fit, be sure to size up